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Budget Management and Support

More than 15 years ago, SilTek architected and built the world’s first integrated cost estimating and budgeting system and delivered it to the U.S. Navy. As an architected solution, it has stood the test of time and remains a stable, highly functional system today. SilTek took a fresh look at how budgets were put together and discovered that cost estimating, scheduling, and budget management functions all took place in separate systems. So, looking at what an automated budget architecture might look like, and bringing the fundamental pieces of each of the disparate tools together, we produced an integrated budget management system allowing project managers more control over their costs while providing management with more visibility and cost control across the enterprise.

Whether you use an off the shelf budget management solution or pull together data from spreadsheets or separate systems, SilTek can help improve, manage, and automate your budget process. SilTek’s budget team include professional cost estimators, business analysts, budget analysts, systems engineers, and former federal, state, and commercial program managers experienced in a wide variety of budget scenarios.

Program Analysis

Do you know if your programs or processes are effective? Do they support your strategy? Are system or data redundancies adding drag to your strategies? Are you getting the most out of your investments in new technologies, new systems, or new programs? SIlTek can quickly diagnose your programs and evaluate them against your strategies to provide a “get well” plan aligning your investments with your business goals, typically in 45 days or less.

Our approach for process improvement uses a multi-dimensional system for creating multiple combinations before an outcome is finalized. By deconstructing an existing business process model, we identify the various process primitives. Using these process primitives, multiple outcomes can be modeled for simulation and a decision arrived for the best fit meeting the performance goal. It uses set of advanced techniques for creating models, parameterization, and simulation, which are key to optimization. SilTek provides experienced business analysts to prepare Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN), Balanced Scorecard, Architecture verification and alignment, Application Rationalization, Business Case Analysis, OMB Exhibit 300, or a host of other approaches to quickly get you the answers you’re looking for.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an often misunderstood concept. Some see it as shelfware, others a nuisance, and others a necessary evil for securing project funding. What it should provide is a solid foundation for understanding the what, how, where, who, when, and why of your organization. A properly developed EA is the most effective business diagnosis and support tool available.

While it typically falls under the IT department, it really supports several stakeholders across an organization. As a management tool, EA offers the promise of streamlining operations, supporting critical decisions, and helping clarify strategy execution. SIlTek’s experienced Enterprise Architects bring more than 10 years of experience using EA as a diagnostic tool for fixing organizational issues from production bottlenecks to new strategy execution. EA can make a significant difference in your organization and SIlTek knows how to make it work.

Healthcare IT

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